PantheaCon 2017 has ended
Join our huge and varied Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration February 2016 in San Jose, CA. More information can be found about the conference at www.pantheacon.com

The schedule is complete as of October 23, 2016 - changes/cancellations will be entered as often as possible. If you sync a personal schedule with your phone it will auto update the next time you open the application. 

Presenters: If you have a major change to your bio that you want reflected here please email programming@pantheacon.com after you have entered it in the database. Changes do not automatically from from there to here. Your changes, of course, will be reflected in the program book.
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Clifford Hartleigh-Low

Clifford is an accomplished practitioner of several schools of magic with a career spanning three decades, and holds a B.A. in Psychology from NYU. He coined the term "dark paganism" in 1993, has developed multiple systems of magic from the ground up, was an Internet pioneer on occult and paranormal topics, founded one of the first websites devoted to magic Necronomi.com, and created the YouTube channel GrimoireTV. He has spent most of the past fifteen years researching electional astrology, Medieval and Renaissance astrological talismans, and early magical texts such as the Picatrix. He has personally created thousands of talismans and enchanted hundreds of magical rings. An outspoken proponent of weather magic, healing magic, tarot divination, curses, and root work, his influences include Classical Theurgy, Spiritism, Scholastic Image Magic, Orthodox Jewish Kabbalah, Wicca, Chaos Magick, Santeria, Hoodoo, Golden Dawn, Greco-Roman Magic, and the traditional Grimoires.