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avatar for B.A. Davis-Howe (Ian Phanes)

B.A. Davis-Howe (Ian Phanes)

Urbana, IL
I am one person who is bi-sexual, third-gender, four-eyed, and poly-religious.

My primary practice is ContraryWise Craft, which is a very small lineage of modern pagan witchcraft that started in Central Illinois. We are heterodox and synthetic in our approach, expecting each individual to develop their own practice over time. I've also been initiated into a line very close to Blue Star Wicca.

I'm a new initiate of the Fellowship of the Phoenix, a queer neopagan tradition with temples in Chicago and Seattle.

I've explored a broad range of ceremonial magic, and am currently developing my own style of polytheistic astrological magic, fusing aspects of ceremonialism into my Craft.

I've also dabbled in Druidry, having spent a couple years working in an unofficial AODA group.

My pronouns are they/them/their.